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There's no need to go back to school, or to spend hours digging through dry textbooks that spend a lot of time dictating rules of grammar and speech but that teach very little.  

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Spanish Unlimited will lead you step-by-step through the joy  of making the Spanish language your own.



Imagine yourself basking on a pristine white sand beach ordering drinks in musical effortless Spanish for yourself and your exotic new lover.

Or imagine finally getting that job or that promotion because you speak Spanish fluently and not just a few useless phrases.

Imagine the look of wonderment on your friends faces when you open your mouth and out comes fluent Spanish.



After one week of using the program, you will be marvelously inspired   and  thrilled   at how satisfying and easy it can be to learn Spanish. 

Here's is a little secret that those guys selling the over-priced useless programs don't want you to know:

As countless of people just  like you have discovered to their delight and wonderment -- Spanish is perhaps the easiest language to learn on the face of the planet.


You just need to go about it the right way. 

And we show you how!



WARNING - This is not a 'new' and 'scientifically' proven cacamayme magic brainwashing 'space age' language learning program cooked up in someone's basement. There are dozens of those on the market and they either don't work, or if they do they are so costly they are not worth purchasing.




In this program we reveal secrets like:

·   The number one little known secret to pronouncing Spanish like a pro, effortlessly.

·   Simple things you can't afford not to do at the very beginning to make the rest of your learning experience a breeze.

·   How to access multimillion dollar government and foundation funded Spanish learning projects you can use FREE.

·   Common pitfalls and how not to fall into them.

·   The indispensable skills to releasing your natural learning potential to actually get your brain to learn faster.

·   The true secret to becoming fluent.

·   Step by step instruction on how to accumulate vocabulary so fast it's almost like magic.

·   Great techniques to overcome stage fright when it's time to use your Spanish.

·   The number one thing you can do to keep your Spanish improving daily almost by osmosis.

·   The little known secret about fluency that you  should know about.

·   The best places to find FREE Spanish learning resources that are better than anything for sale on the market today.

--So that you can capture the magic of being fluent in Spanish, even if you never dreamed you could! 






And now for a limited time only, we include, at absolutely no cost to you, the original FSI Programmatic Spanish.  

What is FSI Spanish? The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US State Department spared no expense, a considerable amount of your tax dollars, to develop this program.

This course is believed by many to be the most advanced most effective Spanish tool ever devised. 

The US government has used this course for decades to teach not only Diplomats, but CIA, FBI, DEA agents as well as military intelligence.

This learning approach is amazingly effective.  You could learn Spanish using just this program alone and nothing else.


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This material is offered for FREE with our course, now in mp3 format, so that you will be able to play it on your computer,  portable mp3 player, or burn it to disk.


The entire Foreign Service Institute FSI Spanish Programmatic course comprises 4 Levels

FSI Programmatic Spanish Levels 1 - Units 1-25

FSI Programmatic Spanish Levels 2 - Units 25-30

FSI Programmatic Spanish Levels 3 - Units 31-45

FSI Programmatic Spanish Levels 4 - Units 46-55

The 55 units of the course each involve 10 or so hours per unit, making the full FSI Spanish course 600 hour course.

This program is the gold standard in Spanish Learning.  What do you get?  Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is the complete program.   Free.  

A smaller, less comprehensive version of this course is sold at prices ranging between $95 and $250 PER LEVEL.  It is the same exact program developed by the Foreign institute.

You get ALL  4 Levels FREE as a bonus for ordering now!


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This bonus alone is worth many times the unbelievably low price of Spanish Unlimited.


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